The View from the Shard – FAQ

I receive daily emails filled with questions regarding The View from The Shard viewing platform, which is unsuprising considering it is by far the most popular publicly accessible are of The Shard. If you are interested in purchasing tickets, please go to this post for all the latest deals.

This FAQ will answer questions relating to cost, location and accessibility (among many other questions) so please read before sending your email. Should you have a question not answered in this FAQ, feel free to contact me using the form on the contact page and I will try my best to help you.


Q. How high up is the viewing platform? 
A. The viewing platform in the Shard is located on the 67-72nd floor of the building which is 244.3 metres (802 ft) high. 

Q. How much does it cost to go up the Shard? 
A. The price of tickets to The View from The Shard is £18.95 for children and £24.95 per adult, if booked in advance. If you purchase tickets on the day you wish to visit, tickets are slightly more expensive at £23.95 per child and £29.95 per adult. I would therefore recommend booking in advance.

Q. What ages qualify as ‘children?’
A. Children aged 4-15 qualify for a discounted child ticket and must be accompanied by an adult. Children ages 0-3 are considered infants and can enter for free, they do not need a ticket. 

Q. Are there any other discounts to the price of tickets to the Shard?
A. Disabled people receive a concessionary priced ticket at £18.95 if booked in advance and £24.95 if purchased on the day of visit; carers for disabled people are eligible for free entry to The View from The Shard. In order to receive the discounted rates for disabled people and their carers, please call the telephone booking line (tickets cannot be purchased online).

Q. Is there disabled access to the top of the building?
A. The View from the Shard viewing platform is FULLY accessible to disabled people. There are lifts at every stage of the journey from the entrance to the Shard to the highest viewing point at level 72. 

Q. Is there a gift shop inside the Shard?
A. Yes, on the ground floor entrance of the viewing gallery there is a gift shop selling a range of Shard related products. Be aware that, like most gift shops, the prices will be premium. If you want to purchase the same items cheaper online, you can do so here.

Q. What are the opening hours of the Shard viewing platform?
A. The opening times of The View from The Shard vary depending on the month: 

May to September: 9am – 10pm every day. 
October to April: 10am – 7pm Sunday to Wednesday, 10am – 10pm Thursday to Saturday

Q. When is the best time to visit the viewing platform
A. This is a matter of personal opinion, however I have found the most popular time to visit the highest floors is just before sunset so that you are able to see the transition from day to night. Sunset is obviously a different time of day depending on the time of year, however you can search online for what time the sun will set on any particular day, allowing you to book in advance. I also recommend going during the summer months for the best chance of clear weather conditions. See photo’s below of the view from the top of the Shard at different times of day. 

Q. What happens if I visit the Shard on a day when the weather is bad?
A. Depending on the severity of the weather conditions, you may be offered to return later in the day when the weather may have improved. It is unlikely you will be offered a refund or given a ticket to visit another day; the only circumstance where this may happen is if there is zero visibility at the top of the Shard i.e. no other buildings are visible. If you are concerned about the weather conditions during your visit to The View from the Shard, speak to a member of staff.