I am an Urban Design graduate and have formally worked inside the Shard, I’ve been a massive fan of the building since I first heard about it way back in 2002 . I created this website to provide a complete guide to The Shard, (also known as London Bridge tower or the shard of glass), now the tallest building in London and the UK. I have studied this building since it was first announced in 2000 and have now had the fortune of working inside it. For nearly a year I helped to run the Viewing gallery at the top of the Shard during which time I learned a plethora of interesting facts which I would like to share with you.

The sheer size of The Shard ensures that it will become a dominant landmark on the London skyline. The Shard is expected to attract over 2 million visitors a year, people will be able to visit the Shard in either one of its 3 restaurants or the viewing gallery at the very top. The Shard has been built using some of the finest materials and its prime location near the heart of London has meant that it has already gained the public’s attention and admiration.

The pages on this website will allow you to discover what inspired the design of The Shardthe history that lead to it’s construction and to find out what other skyscrapers will be joining The Shard on the ever growing London skyline.

There is also a gift shop page where you can buy Shard related products, such as books, art and DVD’s at heavily discounted prices (compared to the same products bought in-store).

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